22 months and happy.

10170902_10102436109758364_9016312540220830976_n So I haven’t written a blog in FOREVER. Actually in four months. That’s terrible, but the truth is, I don’t think anyone is reading my blog and while writing is cathartic for me, it feels silly to write to an audience that doesn’t exist. But alas, here I am. Updates: The babies are 22 months old and we are in a pretty good place. Are they babies anymore? I think they are. People who think they know better keep telling me they “aren’t babies so don’t call them that”, and to that I want to say screw off. They are whatever I want them to be for as long as I want them to be that because I grew them. So there.

But they’re fun. Our boy is really clingy to me and has a hard time bonding with my husband. When I’m not there, they’re pretty close. But when I’m there, I’m all he wants. Our girl is a cautious risk-taker and I love that. She wants to climb on high things but will carefully put her hands down and assess this situation wholly before attempting the climb. 

I continue to resent the people who “kindly” remind me that they are growing fast. Don’t people realize that it is extremely painful for a mother to watch her children grow? We are acutely aware of the time passing-we don’t need to be reminded so constantly. I think people trick themselves into thinking they are giving us sound advice-reminding us to not sweat the little stuff-but what people are really doing is looking for company in their own sadness of life changing. 

So that’s us and that’s all for now. Be back soon. I promise. 

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1 Response to 22 months and happy.

  1. Airielle says:

    Glad to see you back! Believe it or not, some of us are reading. 🙂

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